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These are the articles in the Newspaper by Dr. Gerard Testa & Dr. Tru Ngo on some of the common urologic conditions. Click on the desired topic below for more information.

I had a prostate operation & I still have problems. – Dr. Gerard Testa

Lower urinary tract symptoms (also known as LUTS) are a group of symptoms which include bladder storage problems (increased bladder sensation, frequency, getting up at night, urgency & urge incontinence), emptying symptoms (hesitancy, burning & stinging on passing urine, a slow intermittent stream & a sense of incomplete bladder emptying) & pain symptoms (pelvic, scrotal & urethral pain).

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Moans & groans: Renal & ureteric stone disease. – Dr. Tru Ngo

Twenty five percent of patients have a family history of kidney stones. This problem affects males three times more commonly than females. The life time risk of developing a symptomatic stone by 70 years of age. Is 13% for men & 5% for women.

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